Prayer For The Forgiveness Of Sin/s.


Heavenly Father,

I kneel down before thee, this Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night,
I come to ask for forgiveness because i have sinned against you and now my sin/s crouches at my door but according to your Word, if only i will confess my sins, you are faithful and just to forgive me. Therefore i sincerely confess my sins before thee:

  • Sin nº 1: Tell God exactly what you did
  • Sin nº 2: Tell God exactly what you did
  • Sin nº 3: Tell God exactly what you did
  • Sin nº 4: Tell God exactly what you did

Lord, i shouldn’t have committed those sins but i did. I don’t mean to excuse myself, i committed (sin nº 1, sin nº, sin nº3, etc.,) and i deeply regret them all. Forgive me, oh Lord as You promised to. Remember the death of Your one and only begotten Son Jesus Christ and forgive me for He was wounded for my transgressions, he was bruised for my iniquities. Just a drop of His precious Blood and i will be cleansed, pure.

You said we should be pure for You are pure, holy for You are Holy. How can i when i was born a sinner?, but the same way by one man (Adam), we have all sinned and fall short of Your Glory, the same way by one Man (Jesus Christ), we have all been saved if we believe in Him. I do believe Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour and that He came to die for me, to set me free from sin. So do not take into account my sins and forgive me according to your lovingkindness.

Father, i don’t want You to hide your face from me in prayer (what will be of me, then?), i want to seek You and find You, i want to call upon You and be heard, i want to knock upon the Doors of Heaven and be opened. I just want to devote myself to be close to You. How can i when my sins are like scarlet?, when they are crimson red?.
Forgive me then and cleanse me: wash me with hyssop and i shall be white like snow, take away my iniquities oh Lord, my God, blot out my transgressions to remember them no more. In this very moment, i humble myself before you: Sanctify me, Justify me oh Lord, by your abundant Grace and endless Mercy.

This is a new beginning God and this time not without You. I do not want to return to my past life, to my old way of thinking and behaving -those years are behind me- so Father, do not allow the Enemy to bind me to the World. Whatever i have that belongs to him i give it back in Jesus’ name -I am not friends with him- Break off of me the consequences of my sins, oh God, together with my guilt, my shame, my disgrace, etc. Give me a clear conscience and from now onwards, please keep me from sinning against You as You kept king Abimelech from sinning against you.

I thank you for sacrificing your One and only begotten Son for me -so unworthy-. Thank you Jesus for doing our Father’s will even when you were overwhelmed by the pain. Thank you one more time for hearing my prayer and by Faith i strongly believe that i have been forgiven and that i am a new creation.

This i pray in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen!


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