Hello and welcome to God’s Gift: the Life of a True Christian.

On this page, i share the Word of God, alongside my life in the Spirit; what i do to increase in Faith, to be in constant communication with my Father in Heaven, to please Him and more, hence staying in His Presence, in this walk of life.

My sole motive of doing this publicly is to:

  • “Deliver those who are drawn toward death and hold back those stumbling to the slaughter, Proverbs 24:11”.
  • To introduce God to those who have not had the privilege of knowing Him.
  • To encourage my fellow Christians not to conform with a Sunday service (going to Church only does not make you a Christian), but to aim for more: seek God fervently, go after the very heart of God (i tell you, His Power is VAST) and to live a life of a True Christian.

Let us all be real examples of Christ Jesus, in this Generation.

Ps: If God tells you to do something, JUST DO IT!

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